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Developing Meaningful Employee Rewards

Workforce and Careers

Developing A Meaningful Compensation Strategy

Business results are driven by people. And what are people driven by?

Your balance sheet may not have any line items on your employees’ enthusiasm, engagement or energy. However, these intangible factors are crucial to performance.

Your People Are Your Greatest Asset – Reward Them

The right rewards strategies provide employees with more than financial security and can lead to sustainably optimized performance. Finding the right balance can be tricky. In the era of choice, how you design and deliver this cornerstone of the employee value proposition is critical to your ability to attract and retain the workforce you need.

Effective rewards strategy design means embracing the needs of a diverse, multigenerational and global workforce. An even greater challenge lies beyond creating a flexible framework for a diverse workforce: anticipating employee needs for the future of work.

Facts, Data, Insights: Analyzing the 'Unquantifiable'

Mercer has more than 80 years of experience understanding what drives employees and translating that knowledge into results. You won’t find data like ours anywhere else. Our benchmark database is the best in the business for evaluating and creating competitive compensation offerings.

As unique as each person’s career is, we can make your rewards structure easier and more efficient with solutions like job levelling across your organization and the world, job architectures that help your employees build careers, and dynamic strategies that direct all of your rewards decisions.

Optimizing Job Architectures for Desirable Career Progress

An even greater challenge lies beyond creating a flexible framework for a diverse workforce: The workforce for the future will fill roles that don’t even exist yet. But how can you plan for what you don’t know?

Mercer relies on proven science. Our International Position Evaluation (IPE) methodology underpins the job architecture and methodology we use to evaluate brand new roles. So you can maintain your stride even as the future of work changes before your eyes.

How We Can Help

Our employee rewards professionals can help you with personalized services such as:

  •  Job Evaluation Analysis: get a data-driven look at your organization
  • EVP & Total Rewards Strategy: develop a rewards strategy to deliver a compelling employee experience and drive performance
  • Job Architecture and Career Frameworks: Build your infrastructure to optimize your HCM system and provide a foundation for career pathing
  • Benchmarking and Pay Structure Design:  Benchmark salaries and level jobs through our comprehensive suite of rewards surveys  and develop compensation strategies to manage pay
  • Incentive Plan Design – develop incentive plans that drive business performance
  • Employee Communication: Build engaging digital communications to meet employees where they are
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Workforce and Careers Services and Products

Data, Insights & Technology

Mercer compensation, benefits & workforce metrics solutions provide current and relevant data across a variety of critical functions, industries, organizations, and geographies.
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Global Pay Summary

Annual base salary and total cash compensation data for 50 benchmark position in 86 countries and 103 markets.
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Global Publications

Research, insights, and tools to help assess Human Capital policies and practices.
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Job Analysis & Job Evaluation

Mercer IPE delivers job analysis and job evaluation projects using our ​International Position Evaluation (IPE) system.
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Job Architecture and Career Frameworks

Mercer's job architecture & career frameworks offering delivers tools / activities that support clients by influencing employees in making career decisions that benefit employees and aligns with the organization’s talent management goals.
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Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS)

The Mercer Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS) provide comprehensive market data on compensation and benefits around the globe.
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EVP & Total Rewards Strategy

Strengthen your employee value proposition and inspire higher levels of motivation, productivity and workplace satisfaction with a redefined total rewards strategy that goes beyond optimization of just pay and benefits.
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