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The future of work is filled with challenges and opportunities


You’re not alone in feeling fatigued. Across the world, remote work has increased the instances of misaligned business and HR strategy, leading to low HR effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, the potent mixture of work and personal lives under one roof has often led to employee exhaustion. Unfortunately, many businesses were not equipped for this sudden transformation.
But, handling the tsunamis of change that have been crashing onto businesses in the past few years is no easy feat. The silver lining is, this new workforce model also presents new opportunities - particularly when it comes to HR. With Mercer’s leading HR transformation consultants and range of HRM solutions, you can turn the tide in your favor, help your employees to thrive, and accelerate your HR transformation journey.


of companies are currently pursuing transformation strategies


of executives say culture is more critical than their strategy or operating model


of companies plan to increase spending on digital transformation in response to COVID-19

The Covid effect


HR strategies were already transforming, the trajectory just got steeper


While HRM teams all over the world were implementing digitalization way before the pandemic, it is apparent that COVID-19 has accelerated HR transformation expeditiously. The world is moving fast and those who are waiting for things to return to ‘pre-Covid times’ are missing out on new opportunities:


The inconvenient truth is, change is the only way to remain relevant in a world that can be instantly upended through sudden and unforeseen circumstances. Organizations that explore new ways of working and reinvent the employee experience are the ones that will weather the storm, attract and retain top employees and emerge victoriously.

Meet our leading HR transformation consultants 

You’re looking at the future of HR right here. Our HR strategy consultants will guide you every step of the way so your HR function operates as a key strategic partner to the C-suite

Global Transformation Services Leader_Mercer India

Ravin Jesuthasan

Global Transformation Services Leader,

A recognized global thought leader and futurist, Ravin advises clients on digital transformation solutions by helping them define the future of work and HR. He partners with clients worldwide to help them prepare for and meet the challenges caused by disruption from the emerging digital economy, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the global HR transformation.




Armin von Rohrscheidt

Armin von Rohrscheidt

Global HR Transformation Leader

Armin helps clients reinvent and optimize their human sources processes in order to create an exemplary employee experience. With a wealth of experience in corporate HR as well as HR strategy consulting, he has led multiple HRM teams to success on their digital transformation journeys. He also has an impressive global track record, revamping the HR strategy, processes, and systems of organizations abroad. He is recognized as a global expert on the Target Interaction Model architecture and well respected in the industry.


Global Workforce and Organisation Transformation Leader_Mercer India

Kai Anderson 

Global Workforce and Organisation Transformation Leader

Kai joined Mercer through the acquisition of his company and now leads Mercer’s international Business Transformation services as a partner, consulting with executives across all industries to understand the full spectrum of digital transformation solutions. Kai is a recognized keynote speaker and author of books and other publications on transformation, HRM, and the science of people management.





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