Your people define your culture and ultimately determine your organization’s success. The right rewards are critical. For most companies, rewards form the center of a talent strategy framework that supports the goals of your business. But meaningful rewards aren’t one-size-fits-all. They should be designed to achieve the right outcomes and reinforce your company culture. Will you need rewards that vary by geography, business unit, skill area, generation and employee demographic?For most companies, the answer is yes.


To make them meaningful for both your business and your employees, your rewards should be:



Informed by the market




Delivered fairly and consistently


Designed to support individual career development

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Key Talent & Rewards Policies & Practices



Remote Working


Flexible Working


 Pay reductions

 Workforce reductions 


 Hiring intentions 




Long-term incentives

Variable pay


 Hot jobs


 Workforce turnover 


  Salary movements 


Why total rewards?

  • To understand what your competitors are paying for similar jobs, skills, locations
  • Get a neutral reference as a support to any analysis conducted independently
  • Assess the external competitiveness of their compensation packages (Fixed, Variable Pay)
  • Review and adjust the compensation & employee benefits policies
  • Monitor competitors versus own wage costs over time.
  • Provide a foundation for the development of internal salary structures

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