Changing times require decisions. Employers need to get the most reliable, relevant data and evaluate the competitiveness of total remuneration policy against the market.


Mercer’s annual TRS plus the Special Edition provide you with the best “before and after” picture of the market. Stay tuned to get a wider picture of compensation planning given the impact of the global pandemic on organizations compensation and benefits practices.


Employers today need to look at the scope and level of compensation and benefits they provide for their workforce often with insights from the local market. In the turbulent workforce market we face, employers need to demonstrate their commitment to their employees’ needs through a well-structured pay strategy that would ensure both competitiveness and equity.


Compensation data is necessary to navigate the changes in the external business environment as well as within your organization. Right now, the reliable data is more critical than ever to establish the baseline for which we can measure the adjustments to the reset world and provide valid guidance on the compensation plans.

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Variable pay


 Hot jobs


 Workforce turnover 


  Salary movements 



Remote Working


Flexible Working


 Pay reductions

 Workforce reductions 


 Hiring intentions 




Long-term incentives


November 2020





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