Mercer is a global leader in providing actuarial valuation support for employee benefit schemes. Mercer offers a suite of consulting services and tools to help you assess costs and impacts of long-term benefits for your employees on company financials so that you stay focused on your core business.


Why Mercer


  • Qualified team of actuaries
  • More than 2 decades of presence in India
  • Experience working with  multi-national organizations
  • Partnering with clients to help manage risks and volatility beyond accounting valuation reports
  • Client confidentiality is our top priority
  • Strict quality-assurance and data protection processes.


New labor codes


In 2019, the Ministry of Labor and Employment consolidated 29 central laws and 4 new labor codes were introduced by government –Code on Wages, Code on Social Security, Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code and Industrial Relations Code.


While there have been mixed reports in the media on the likely date of notification and effective date of implementation, given the far-reaching repercussions on employers and employees we think organizations should start early to be better prepared for the changes as and when they get notified


Mercer is already partnering with over 40+ organizations, helping them with end to end implementation of all new labor codes, including:


  • Compensation restructuring,
  • Regulatory analysis,
  • Financial implication of gratuity and leave,
  • Compliance checklist and
  • Support in designing change communication plan.

As a value add, we are also offering a 6 month handholding period post notification of final central rules on all codes by government and will also share state level compliance checklist once states (where you operate) after notification of final rules.

Join us for an interactive “Ask me Anything” initiative, where Mercer consultants can provide support by answering anything in the space of #Employee Benefits Actuarial Valuations and #Labor codes. Our experts will reply to you over email about their views within couple of days.


Our Experts

Preeti Chandrashekhar

India Business Leader, Health and Wealth, Mercer India


Preeti helps clients in designing and delivering benefits solutions to help manage people and managing long terms costs and risks for employee benefits through actuarial advice, evaluating design alternatives for employee benefits, governance and risk management and communication strategies for better employee engagement.

Hemanshu Jain

Lead Consulting Actuary,Mercer India




Hemanshu has over 15 years of management consulting experience in Retirement and Employee benefit industry, including experience in global pension sector. He helps clients understand financial risks of various types of employee benefits and evaluating financial impact of various organizational level policy changes from time to time

Sanil Nair

Senior Consultant, Mercer India




Sanil has over 20 years of experience in Pension Consulting, Life Insurance and Banking. Enables Mercer clients in designing corporate NPS implementation. His expertise lies in group Insurance product evaluation and program management.
Actively leading the center of excellence for new labor code advisory for corporates and other strategic and growth initiatives for Mercer in India

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