Anyone managing a retirement plan trust today faces persistent risks and evolving realities: market volatility, uncertain liabilities, shifting regulations, and pressure to reduce expenses and contributions. Succeeding in this landscape requires an agile strategy and process that can dynamically react to market conditions and seize opportunities while managing risk and expense.


Our services address the needs of Trustees and fiduciaries of funds such as exempt provident funds, self-managed and insurer-managed gratuity and superannuation funds and other benefits funds. We help Trustees with investment advisory services that are based on pensions dedicated research, superior buying power borne out of economies of scale and advices that have no conflicts in them.

Our services include:

  Investment policy formulation

  Insurer product evaluation

  Asset allocation studies to address questions such as % of equity allocation

  Credit analysis

  Rebalancing recommendations

  Ongoing investment advices based on investment policy set up 

  Long term earnings forecasts

   Asset liability studies

   Monitoring and reporting of performance 

We deliver value through models that track;

  Credit exposures


  State Government ranking

  Investment governance

  Manager research


Our solutions ensure that our clients focus on decision making and oversight while we deliver advice, research and last mile focused solutions. Our delivery is marked by research, an ‘inch-wide, mile-deep’ approach to retirement plan investments, extensive usage of technology and alignment to global best practices.


Our team has over seventy five years of combined experience in this space having worked with over two hundred retirement trusts over the years. This gives us a unique perspective to the needs of Trustees of such plans and helps us tailor solutions keeping in mind needs and global best practices.  We currently advice 100 Retirement Benefit Plans with an asset size of~$5 billion.

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