As capital flows across the world multiply, it is important that asset allocation and investment strategies are not bound by geographical constraints. Our services as investment advisors and consultants to a cross section of institutional clients across the world who practice global asset allocation has helped tailor solutions to Indian family offices, wealth managers and investors to invest in global markets – outside India.


Our solutions include:

Performance monitoring

Asset allocation

Objective analysis of international allocations

Manager research and selection

 Portfolio construction


Governance around the allocations

We leverage the presence of Mercer in 44 countries across the world and the coverage of multiple asset classes from traditional ones to alternative ones to write our advice to clients who are seeking international diversification. The presence of multiple choices in these markets – asset class wise and manager wise requires significant coverage of these markets. While writing these advices, we seek to answer questions such as:

  • How much should be allocated outside India?
  • Which geographies should investments be made in?
  • What asset allocation should the investments follow?
  • How do I execute these advices?
  • Passive vs. active?
  • Private vs public?
  • Choice of managers


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