Healthwatch: Air Pollution and Employee Health in Asia

The Way Forward: Innovating for a Healthy Workforce

Asia, like the rest of the world, has a long way to go in pollution reduction. However, there is no progress unless there is first an acknowledgment of the problem, and secondly, real resources are mobilized and marshalled in the right direction. Asia’s governments, employers, and people are focused on the continued growth of the region’s economies, but these endeavors cannot reach their full potential if pollution and unhealthy conditions undermine the productivity of Asian workforces. To solve these formidable environmental problems, Asia and the international community, must rely on human ingenuity and innovation to clean up the mess we have made and left for our children—the world’s future workforce.

The air pollution problem in Asia may inspire real, meaningful change. Megacities and local governments are working hard to improve conditions and grow beyond the images of smog-plagued urban settings posted on the Internet. This bodes well for the region’s employers, employees, and expats who make a living in these metropolises. And if you need any evidence of Asia’s commitment to improving air pollution levels, check out the “world’s biggest air purifier” that China just built. For residents and employees in Xi'an, China, it just may be a lifesaver.

Alice Peng
by Alice Peng


Principal, Employee Health and Benefits

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