How can HR drive value?

How does HR ensure that the right people are in the right roles, with their value clearly established and understood by the business? As in any other area, a data-driven ecosystem decreases the margin of error within the HR function. For the longest time HR has been stereotyped and perceived as a cost center that relies on subjective parameters.  But HR could easily change this misconception by driving their initiatives with credible workforce data.

HR might not be seen as a revenue-generating arm of the business, but it can certainly be transformed into a revenue-accelerating arm by aligning processes and systems with the strategy and vision of the business. But that means HR must expand its skillset. Instead of focusing on headcount and payroll, HR is now tasked with optimizing the workforce, increase efficiency and using data to make decisions.

Najla Najm
by Najla Najm

Career Consultant

Najla Najm

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