All work and no play makes Jake a dull person. Early last month, Mercer consulting India team took a pitstop (a.k.a. offsite) wherein colleagues engaged in various activities to Recharge, Reflect & Reset. Similar to motorsports, a pitstop from the busyness of our business is important to refresh, energize and refocus ourselves. The event allowed us to connect in-person, strengthen relationships and develop a deeper bond within team. The three days not only saw the Mercer Team bond together as a close knit unit enabling employees to perform better together but also presented an opportunity to learn and grow, strategize about the future goals and possible directions to navigate the journey to achieve these goals.


As individuals rely on acquiring new skills for their self-development and growth, businesses typically rely on M&A to achieve growth and outpace competition.


M&A has gained more prominence during pandemic and resulted in increased deal activity for 2021 and 2022, with strong M&A sentiments going forward. Many even see M&A as a way to navigate through the regulatory requirements and excel in an evolving economic environment. However, not all businesses/ investors realize the synergies anticipated prior to the deal. Someone once said the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. Our research indicates that 47% of deals that fail do so primarily due to a lack of strategic planning and execution rigor related to people risks. You can read more on our research on delivering the deal value here.


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Gaurav Goyal

M&A Advisory Business Leader

Mercer India

M&A advisory services | People expertise. Sustained performance


Are business complexity and cross-border dynamics making it difficult to realize value in M&A strategies for your organization? Disruption and change are here to stay. Intense competition, ever-increasing shareholder expectations and digital innovations are driving leaders to rethink strategy.


With Mercer’s global scale and a local footprint, we have the business acumen, deal experience and people expertise to solve your toughest people challenges anywhere in the world. Helping organizations maximize value, mitigate risk and moderate costs to capture the full value of your deal.

Shape your investment thinking | Pension asset allocation insights report


It is a widely accepted fact that asset allocation is one of the most important decisions that an investor makes. A thorough assessment of risks is critical to construct a portfolio that will seek to meet objectives whilst managing risks and opportunities that may arise.  As volatility increases in global and Indian markets, ‘Asset allocation insights 2022’ refocuses on asset allocation and analyses investment trends across institutional investors from Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.  Indian pension funds amounting to USD 266.4 Bn have also been featured.


The broad trends observed in this report are:


  • Overall asset allocation has remained steady
  • Interest in investing sustainably is mounting
  • Investors are responding to inflation and other market pressures
  • Regulators and Governments are implementing new policies due to increase in economic and market uncertainty 

Participate in Mercer's 2022 APAC Digital Talent Study


Provide your perspective and get the executive summary for free! Objective of this study is to get insights around what companies across industries are doing in terms of talent planning for digital-age roles in Asia Pacific.


Survey covers:


  • Digital Org Structure
  • Digital Rewards Practices
  • Digital Talent Management practices
  • Hot digital roles/ jobs hiring landscape

Is a Four-Day Workweek the Cure for Burnout?


With a tight talent market and rising cost of living, are work schedules where we should be focusing our efforts? We have already established that employees value flexibility and control over their time. However, it could be that poor work design and lackluster execution of new work models are causing people to want more time away from work to offset intolerable workloads, toxic work environments and poor work habits. Leverage this insightful piece from Mercer to get the next steps.

Energizing the employee experience podcast


Tune in to Mercer podcasts and get ahead with the latest insights on the future of work. Learn how you can support, engage and motivate employees to help your people and business thrive.

India Domestic Relocation | Mercer's Talent Mobility


Over last couple of years, organizations have seen how pandemic has disrupted global economies and talent movements, having an impact on where and how we work. At the onset of the pandemic, workforce globally were forced to work remotely amidst global and local restrictions. Within India, organizations supported employees to relocate to their native places to ensure employee wellbeing.


Many companies within India have embraced domestic mobility to meet their staffing needs. This type of mobility is great for finding hard-to-recruit talent, filling skills gaps, or developing employees within organization. Having the right policies and data is essential for a competitive yet cost-effective program.


Mercer’s 2022 India Domestic Mobility Report can help you to review practices on relocation benefits including comprehensive insights on how organizations design and manage benefit provisions for India domestic relocations.