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A lot has been happening around us with market volatility acting as an accelerator! India continues to grow as an economy leaving behind some of the front-runners like UK and is now the 5th largest economy in the world in terms of Global GDP ranking. We also saw mobility at a different level with Cheetahs returning to India after a gap of 70 years!


Skills are the new business currency to fuel or support economic growth. Competency building, performance linked pay, empowerment, globalization, and workforce diversity etc. are some of the focus areas for the HR function. 


We have put together a compendium of Mercer’s viewpoints on diverse topics ranging from Talent, Flexible Policies for mobile workforce, Survey Report from a mobility perspective, Global Trends in employee Benefits and Managing Inflation Risk. Hope you enjoy reading it


Happy festivities!


Preeti Chandrashekhar,

Mercer India

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Evolution of the Auto Industry and Its Talent Practices


Leverage our latest point of view from Junaid Sheikh on how the overall industry is on a fresh growth journey paved with positives. Read about what’s happening behind the curtains as we get ready to on-board our autonomous and environmentally friendly cars in the future.

How Overseeing Talent Can Protect Your M&A Deal


One of the most positive things to come out of the pandemic period is that the employee experience and the employee agenda have become front and center as leading enablers of business resilience and business performance. This will continue to be true in the coming months with recession and further inflation on the horizon, as businesses adapt their strategies to grow and compete effectively going forward.

Mobility: Flexible Policies Survey Report


Mercer's 2022 Flexible International Mobility Policies report explores what kind of flexibility multinational companies have introduced in their global mobility program policies, as well as their design and how successful they have been.

Top 3 Global Trends in Managing Employee Benefits


An organization's employee benefits package is critical to successful long-term talent management, regardless of the company, industry, or location. Balancing competitive operations with cost-effectiveness is fundamental to a company's continued success. Leverage tips here for a successful long-term compliance.

Preparing for the Compensation Planning Season: 5 Things You Can Do Now


The compensation planning season begins with a bang for many organizations. Businesses frequently begin their annual budgeting, compensation planning, and personnel research toward the second half of the fiscal year. Read insights from Mercer and leverage to reach your annual compensation goals.

Impacts of High Inflation: Action to Take NOW, Decisions to Make LATER


For many Total Rewards professionals, inflation has grown from an obligatory data point that you would insert in your annual compensation processes planning deck to the focus of programming (maybe even an internal task force) requiring monthly updates to the HR Leadership Team or Corporate Management Team. Read our latest point of view to understand how to prioritize, what should you do now versus later

Inflation on the Rise: Five Assets to Help Hedge the Growing Risk


Inflation was always set to be the hot topic at our 2022 US Global Investment Forum (GIF), given the economic and geopolitical backdrop to the event. Five Mercer investment specialists examined the potential and presented their case for five inflation-hedging assets, in no particular order of importance or effectiveness.