“We know what the problems are and we know how to solve them. All we lack is unified action.”

– Sir David Attenborough & UN Champion of the Earth


The past month saw the world celebrating “Earth Day” on April-22 (day of the spring equinox), with the official theme for 2022 being “Invest in Our Planet”. What started out as a day intended to raise awareness of the need to protect Earths natural resources for future generations, has grown into one of the largest movements mobilizing change through action.


While April reminded us about advancing ‘good’ for the planet, May (Day) traditionally has celebrated working people, calling into reflection how we are faring on advancing ‘good’ for our own workforce and communities at large. 


Together, they give a shout-out to change the way we think or act, for investing in planet, people and purpose beyond profit for prosperity of all, whether as individuals or organizations. It is not surprising that we are witnessing a growing critical focus on aligning portfolios with climate goals, employers taking a stand to communicate their ESG commitments to multiple stakeholders, and delivering on sustainability goals while thinking about the future of work.


Enterprises are humanizing, humans are becoming more enterprising. Organizations are picking up the tools of empathy learned and honed during the last two years and carving a new way of partnering that is more relatable, sustainable and attuned to the new shape of work. I am excited to announce the findings of our coveted research “Global Talent Trends 2022” are out.


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Until then, 'May' The Force be with You!


Padma Ramanathan 
Principal | Career Consulting & ‘Future of Work’ 
Mercer India

Mercer’s 2022 Global Talent Trends study


Download the report to learn how leading companies are transforming to deliver on a new vision of work and get ideas to support their transformation journey. Report explores how companies:


  • Build resilience through stakeholder capitalism and an adaptive workforce
  • Create equitable, transparent and rewarding relationships
  • Nurture a healthy workforce with benefits that matter 
  • Drive business advantage with skill building and talent mobility 
  • Unlock the energy of their people while transforming around the human experience.

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