Greetings and I trust the forces of May have been with you all through the month!


It has been an exciting month for me. I spent some part of the month traveling for work. The world has indeed returned to office – in myriad forms. It was wonderful to meet people in a meeting room, than on a screen. Equally wonderful was the ability to step out in the evening for dinner. 


The crowds are back, as are the traffic jams. Like they say, all in a day’s work.  And yes, the shining part of the month for me was watching on my flights, that wonderful American sitcom ‘Friends’, for the zillionth time. Little to beat humour to counter the tedium of travel in searing summer. 


Our collection of articles for you is as diverse as the characters of Friends.  It spans areas across the various Mercer businesses. I am certain you will benefit from our approach to areas that affect you at work.


More wind beneath your wings this June!


Amit Gopal

Business Leader – India Investments

Mercer India

Digitizing your Mobility Program | In-conversation with Michael Nash


Tune into a short video conversation with Mercer’s Shashank Mishra, Associate, Global Mobility Practice along with Michael Nash, Principal, Mobility Technology Leader on exploring how Mobility Management Platform, a centralized, cloud-based system that can help small, medium and large organizations to automate and manage their international and domestic assignments.

Employee Benefit Actuarial Valuations


Are your defined benefit plans accounting strategies aligned with your business goals? 


Retirement plans have evolved over the last few decades. With each accounting iteration, insights on defined benefit plan financial helps an organization build a suitable risk mitigation strategy. These plans need expert attention to meet your financial and HR objectives. 


Our credentialed actuaries and supporting actuarial analysts can guide you through the design, implementation and maintenance of your defined benefit (DB) pension plan(s).

Participate Now | Mercer’s Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) is now open.


Considering the current global talent and rewards landscape, ensuring your compensation plans standout locally, regionally, and globally could be the difference between securing top talent and missing out. Together, we can partner to unlock the most comprehensive and robust salary data and formulate meaningful insights for your business.


Leverage Mercers 2022 TRS survey, the world's largest and most comprehensive remuneration resource.

Podcast | Thinking outside the Cubicle: Interview with Futurist Ravin Jesuthasan:


Ravin Jesuthasan, a recognized global thought leader, futurist and author on the future of work, automation and human capital. He is the co-author of the just published “Work without Jobs: How to Reboot Your Organization’s Work Operating System,” about how work is changing in ways that will eventually transform every aspect of society. 


Roundup: Employer Resources on Remote-Working Rights, Trends 


Remote working has become more of a permanent feature of the workplace for many employees and employers around the world — driven by measures introduced in many countries to address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


To help employers consider the issues connected with remote working, this roundup provides links to general information about ongoing remote-working rights and trends in some countries sourced from Marsh & McLennan, organizations, government websites, third-party resources and news articles. Content in each section is organized in reverse chronological order. 

The CFO Perspective on Healthcare cost : Survey Results


Many CFOs are looking across their business to understand how inflation might impact their company’s financials. One area of particular focus is health care, typically the largest HR expense after compensation. To better understand the CFO’s perspective on a range of issues related to health benefit costs, Mercer surveyed more than 100 finance professionals – mostly CFOs – and garnered insights on how they contextualize health care costs, the financial targets they need to achieve, and their point of view on different cost management strategies.