Greetings from Mercer!


The month of June has been quite eventful. As monsoon brought in a welcome respite from the scorching summer, we saw corporates globally celebrating the Pride month – driving more inclusive workplaces; settlement of a class-action gender discrimination lawsuit bringing pay-parity in focus like never before; & companies across sectors gearing up for the upcoming engineering campus placements as they embark in their digital transformation journey.


Hybrid work models and alternate work arrangements are no longer a pursuit of only the private sector; but are now a reality across mainstream public & defence sector as can be seen with the highly debated launch of the ‘Agnipath’ scheme. Traditional rewards, benefits & incentive plans are being revisited to align with these emerging models.


Our recently launched surveys and articles for you are as diverse & compelling as the eventful happenings of this month. It spans areas across the various Mercer businesses. Hoping that you will benefit from our approach to areas that affect you at work.


Wishing you a very successful July with lot of insights!


Debasmita Das

Principal | Executive Compensation & Rewards Design Practice Leader

Mercer India

It is raining survey season and we are glad to announce the launch of three practices study from Mercer India. As a participant, you are entitled to receive a free participant report that will cover the summary on industry wise insights based on the responses received.  If you are looking for a customized peer group as per your business requirement, do reach out to us further scoping

Campus Salary Study and Practices survey


Designed to capture and analyze – Campus tiers, campus hires and intern’s remuneration, typical roles and allocation patterns to various business verticals, pay mix, relocation benefits, employer branding strategies and impact of pandemic on campus hiring. Participate to know how effective is your entry level hiring strategies.

Hybrid Work Policy and Practices survey


Designed to capture and analyze – hybrid / flexible working policies and practices, attract and retain talent by ensuring your hybrid and flexible working policies are meeting the needs of your employees, enables you to remain competitive in the market, equip yourself with the unprecedented change in the way employees are working.

Long Term and Short Term Incentive Practices Study


Covering the key objectives the incentives plans are expected to drive, eligibility by performance / career levels / job roles, incentive plan mechanics and payout frequencies covering performance period, vesting period, payout schedule, exercise price, pay mix by employee segments, cash base and equity based incentives, etc. This study enables you to stay updated and gives opportunity to evaluate your variable pay practices to remain competitive in the market.

Participate Now | Mercer’s Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) is now open.


Considering the current global talent landscape, ensuring your compensation plans stand out locally, regionally, and globally could be the difference between securing top talent and missing out. Leverage Mercers 2022 TRS survey, the world's largest and most comprehensive remuneration resource. 


 Download now | 2023 Benefit Strategies Report


Download the latest Health Benefits Strategy for 2023 survey report and learn actions companies are taking to enhance health care affordability, work/life balance, behavioral health care, inclusive benefits and perks and more.

You Can’t Win the War for Talent with Compensation Alone


Mercer consultants from across our health, wealth and career practices share what they and their clients are talking about to help attract and retain employees. Learn how the strategic planning discussions for 2023 are focused squarely on what employees need today above and beyond compensation.

Webcast | 2022 Benefits Trends in APAC | 14th July, Thursday


Join us at our upcoming annual webinar where our experts will draw insights from our latest Benefits Survey and other Mercer reports to share with you the latest trends in the employee benefits landscape in Asia Pacific.

Webcast | 2022 APAC Rewards Trends & Insights | 27th July, Wednesday


What will rewards look like in the new world of work? Hear from our experts on what are the things leaders and HR should focus on when defining 2023 rewards strategies for their organizations. Join our annual 2022 APAC Rewards Trends & Insights webinar.