The world has heated up – surging Covid cases in some geographies, exorbitant fuel prices leading to high inflation, early onset of summer, and the 15th edition of IPL!


The talent landscape continues to scorch the market with the continued Great Resignation wave and HR folks (again!) find themselves in the hot seat. Add to this, return to the workplace is being considered holistically balancing the need for flexibility & collaboration has begun in earnest and merit cycles are in full flow.


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Nilanjana Dutta
Principal | Career Consulting
Mercer India

Ask me anything | actuarial valuations, new labor codes


Employers today are faced with disruptive forces like market volatility, uncertain liabilities, shifting regulations and pressure on P&L.  Succeeding in this landscape requires an agile strategy that can react to market conditions and seize opportunities while managing risks and costs. Leverage Mercer’s actuarial experts by your side, ask anything in the space of #EmployeeBenefits #Actuarial Valuations and #Labor codes and our team would be eager to come back to you with their perspective.

Life Sciences Sales | How qualitative incentives can help deliver success


Leverage insights from Akanksha Ojha and Shruti Garodia on how the Life sciences industry in India is undergoing a massive transformation and how organisations have had to overhaul their sales strategies overnight, as they try to keep pace with the dynamic realities of the market. 

Video Conversation | Relooking at Mobility policies


As the global workforce is expanding, stretching across international borders and ramping with digitized, hybrid, or remote workforce here is a perspective to enable #humanresources on what's happening with other leading organizations and what are some key considerations.


Tune in to hear view’s from Jaya, Malathi and Rahul exploring if there a need for employers to relook at mobility policies in the current scenario.

New Labor codes


In 2019, the Ministry of Labor and Employment consolidated 29 central laws and 4 new labor codes were introduced by government –Code on Wages, Code on Social Security, Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code and Industrial Relations Code.


While there have been mixed reports in the media on the likely date of notification and effective date of implementation, given the far-reaching repercussions on employers and employees we think organizations should start early to be better prepared for the changes as and when they get notified


Mercer is already partnering with over 40+ organizations, helping them with end to end implementation of all new labor codes, including: compensation restructuring, regulatory analysis, financial implication of gratuity and leave, compliance checklist and Support in designing change communication plan.


For more information, click here.

Participate Now | India Domestic Mobility Policy Survey


How competitive are your domestic relocation practices? Domestic moves in India are becoming more important than ever before, participate now in our India Domestic Mobility Policy Survey, which aims to provide insights, trends and benchmarking data to help organizations review current policies and practices to align to their business needs.


Confirm by 8th April and receive a complimentary executive report with additional full-survey report discounts.

Participate Now | Asia Pacific Pulse survey 2022


Participate now in Mercer’s Asia Pacific Pulse survey 2022 and get a complimentary copy of the local market report. This edition will cover latest topics that are relevant to the current economic developments in Asia Pacific. Includes some of the most relevant and hot topics like hiring intentions, hot jobs, benefits review, and retention bonus along with others.

Mercer Marsh Benefits Health Trends Report


The four key trends are important for employers to consider as while many firms have latitude in designing their benefit plan to meet their needs, insurers play a key role in shaping the benefits landscape. They do this through their standard practices and policy language, their willingness to adopt new provisions, and their access to large pools of claims data.

Pre-register | Global Talent Trends 2022


Find out 10,910 voices had to share. Discover how organizations are taking advantage of the opportunity to redesign work, working and the workplace. Pre-register to ensure you don’t miss out Mercer’s Global Talent Trends 2022.