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M&A Readiness Podcast Series: What to Know Before Your Next Deal

In Mercer’s M&A Readiness podcast series, we provide a view of people-related transaction risks and offer strategies and practical solutions to help organizations plan for and address these risks effectively to drive deal value.

Companies must consider people issues at the outset if they hope to protect the value of the transaction.

Prime examples of people risks that can severely undermine deals and destroy value include:

  • Poorly executed integrations.
  • Failure to consider culture and organizational fit.
  • Lack of clarity in employee communications.

The findings from our 2016 Mercer Research Report – People Risks in M&A Transactions clearly show that organizations that bring the same discipline and rigor to addressing the human capital investment and people issues as they do managing balance sheet risk and the other key operational aspects of a deal realize the most value from the transaction.

Mercer’s M&A Readiness Podcast Series:

  1. The Value of Project Management and Communication
  2. Talent Assessment for Private Equity Sponsors
  3. Minimizing M&A Pension Risk For Buyers and Sellers
  4. Talent Assessment for Corporate Buyers and Sellers
  5. The Importance of Human Resource Management and Technology in M&A Deals
  6. Cross Border Transaction Assessment for US Buyers
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