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organizations are considering increasing or changing the management of their retirement portfolio given market volatility. 



concede their organizations are struggling to find the time and expertise to fully meet their obligations relating to oversight of their defined benefit plan investment strategy

The changing role of the CFO is an interplay of changing socio economic environment in the country and global transformation. This is especially relevant in the context of recent challenges in the wake of Covid coupled with the new labor reforms notified in India. It is imperative that companies get a holistic view of not only the current costs but also expected future costs and risks

Watch conversation from our experts Preeti Chandrashekhar, FIAI, India Business Leader -Health and Wealth along with Prasanna Deokar, Principal - India Investments to know more about Managing defined benefit plans - The balancing act


Watch CNBC show Money Money Money on The Right Retirement Mix with Preeti Chandrashekhar & Harshvardhan Roongta in conversation with Surabhi Upadhyay.


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We are compliant with accounting standards (IFRS / US GAAP / INDAS 19 / AS15R) leveraging the Project Unit Credit (PUC) methodology.

Mercer offers a suite of consulting services and tools to help you assess costs and impacts of long-term benefits for your employees on company financials so that you stay focused on your core business


Our experts 


Hemanshu Jain

Hemanshu Jain

Lead Consulting Actuary, Mercer India


Hemanshu has over 15 years of management consulting experience in Retirement and Employee benefit industry, including experience in global pension sector. He helps clients understand financial risks of various types of employee benefits and evaluating financial impact of various organizational level policy changes from time to time

Preeti Chandrashekhar

Preeti Chandrashekhar

India Business Leader, Health and Wealth, Mercer India

Preeti helps clients in designing and delivering benefits solutions to help manage people and managing long terms costs and risks for employee benefits through actuarial advice, evaluating design alternatives for employee benefits, governance and risk management and communication strategies for better employee engagement.



Manage risks of employee benefit plans

Help businesses understand liability and obligations of retirement and long term plans; comply with statutory requirements; plan for the future. We serve a broad client base to report on the impact these obligations have on their business’s financial health and the cost of any benefit changes. 

Questions you would be asking

How are financials of my employee benefit plans likely to develop in future in changing business environment 

Solutions to guide you

  • Look beyond accounting reports

    • In addition to regular statutory valuations (Indian GAAP, IFRS, US GAAP and other International Standards) for compliance, we also help with insights through  multi-year future projection of results and cost projections
    • Refer to our sample report and see level of details.
    • Asset-and-liability studies
    • Help manage special accounting scenarios like M&A, settlement, regulatory changes with best in industry practices.

    Get insights into volatility of P&L expense


    Improving surplus and reducing risks

    • Understand inputs for determining the level of funding such as persistent risks, market volatility, uncertain liabilities
    • Returns on Traditional Plans vs. Unit Linked plans
    • Consider growth in assets relative to liabilities for helping defined benefits plans meet their final obligations and funding objectives

How do I coordinate reporting across multiple entities through corporate oversight

How do I understand the employee benefit liabilities associated with corporate transactions

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