The pandemic has turned the workplace upside down. What was expected to happen 2-5 years down the road to the so called ‘future of work’ has become today’s reality. 


Now more than ever organizations need superheroes to help their people navigate through the change. 


Mercer’s latest ‘Return to the workplace’ global survey shows that the priorities of HR leaders have shifted to

  • Communication and transparency
  • Updating benefits programs to meet their people’s needs
  • Rethinking collaboration and connectedness
  • Programs that encourages virtual working

Is your organization ready for the new reality? Put it to test and find out if you have the 4 super skills required to come out successfully.


Superheroes are real. We help you become one!


To build a thriving employee experience, assess your organization's employee experience maturity level with out free self-diagnostic tool below

Question 1/18

Company information

Question 2/18

Our senior leaders recognize the value of creating compelling employee experiences for our workforce.


Question 3/18

We have connected our employee experience to our broader business brand and purpose.


Question 4/18

Our managers understand how to influence the critical workplace factors that impact the employee experience in our organization.


Question 5/18

We have determined the critical preferences, needs and pain points of our workforce, including remote workers.


Question 6/18

We have identified the most important moments that matter for our workforce across the employee lifecycle.


Question 7/18

We have a comprehensive employee listening program that allows us to understand employees' experiences from hire to retire.


Question 8/18

We have a continuous listening platform that enables us to research employee experiences in a flexible and configurable way.


Question 9/18

We have developed methodologies for determining when an employee experience needs to be improved or refined.


Question 10/18

We utilize tools such as personas to better understand the unique segments of our workforce.


Question 11/18

We have developed employee journey maps for critical employee events and experiences.


Question 12/18

We utilize iterative design and co-creation techniques (such as design thinking) to enhance the employee experience in our organization.


Question 13/18

We have organized our HR function around delivering target interactions to meet the needs of unique user groups.


Question 14/18

We have simplified core HR processes through digitalization and automation to enhance the employee experience.


Question 15/18

We have taken steps to improve our culture to drive better employee experiences and business outcomes.


Question 16/18

We have assessed our career and reward programs to ensure they are aligned with employee needs and preferences to deliver a better employee experience.


Question 17/18

We regularly analyze the return on investment/business impact of improving the employee experience in our organization.


Question 18/18

What are the biggest challenges your organization is facing when it comes to creating a compelling employee experience?



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