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“There is no doubt that India is in transition and will soon become a force to be reckoned with. Amid this metamorphosis, India presents an image of optimism and promise.” – Dr. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.

India is a country in the midst of a powerful transition. As the Chairman of the World Economic Forum recently noted “India presents an image of optimism and promise. Its unique demographic dividend, rising tide of entrepreneurial spirit, breakthrough innovations across sectors, and remarkable pace of bold and structural reforms have boosted the macroeconomic fundamentals and enhanced India’s long-term economic outlook.”

A review of our research over the last 5 years into the engagement of employees in India shows us that these sentiments translate into how people feel about their work. Given the backdrop of a vibrant economy, our analysis of India’s Employee Engagement Index shows us that many employees in India are proud to work for their company and feel a strong sense of motivation to go beyond what is expected of them. They are energized by the possibilities in front of them.

However, the rapid growth and transformation that India is experiencing also comes with many challenges. As the Indian economy progresses and new roles evolve, many employees find themselves enticed by the idea of new prospects and opportunities. As a result many respondents tell us that they are looking for better advancement in their careers and investment in their skills, as well as more compelling rewards to show them their value.

Three key messages have emerged from this report:

First, India has maintained a steady level of engagement over the last five years – comparable to global levels. While many employees in India tell us they are proud and motivated, far fewer see themselves as staying for the long haul with their current employer.

Second, the vast majority of employees tell us they feel a sense of excitement and optimism about their company’s future. They see their leaders as having clear strategies and goals – setting a clear direction of the future of their organization.

Third, despite the high levels of pride in their company and willingness to recommend it as a place to work, more than 1 in 4 would consider leaving their organization, if they had the chance. Many are on the lookout for more competitive compensation, linkage of rewards with performance and career advancement.


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