Mercer | IPE User Workshop

Mercer | IPE User Workshop

International Position Evaluation (IPE) Methodology Workshop

25 May - 26 May 2017  India, Gurgaon

  • About The Workshop
    • Seamless alignment of organizational structures to business strategy is more critical in today’s new reality than it ever has been. As borne out by Mercer’s Talent Trends Survey – 2017, 93% of Business Leaders plan to change their organization structure to improve agility and effectiveness. In alignment with these business priorities, more than 50% of HR leaders, across multiple geographies and industries, indicated that they need a more scientific approach towards job evaluation.

      Having a strong decision science underpinning job design is paramount, especially as new jobs are emerging at an exponential pace

      Job design is where HR can truly add business value but then how do you evaluate jobs when no reference benchmarks exist?

      To cater to the ever evolving business demands, Mercer has developed a number of proprietary management tools to help organizations align their HR processes with their overall business strategy. IPETM is one such offering.

      Thousands of corporations globally are leveraging this system to revamp their organizational structures, compensation benchmarking, internal compensation restructuring, employee career path design, and performance management.

      This course aims to impart both the concepts and the skills of IPETM in order to help you evaluate the typical positions in your own organization independently, while enhancing your understanding of the impact this evaluation and the resulting alignment has on your business. In addition, this thorough two-day workshop aims at equipping you with a conceptual understanding of Job Descriptions or Role Clarifications- the fundamental prerequisite for deploying a robust position evaluation system in your organization.

  • Key Takeaways
      • Understanding of the main concepts of IPETM and its role in the broader HR context
      • Application-based understanding of the 5 factors and 12 dimensions that form the basis for position evaluation
      • A brief Introduction to Role Clarification or job descriptions
      • Understanding the applications of position evaluation 


  • Who Should Attend
    • HR professionals who are interested in Rewards, Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness. 

  • Event Details
    • Date: May 25 - 26, 2017

      Time: 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

      Venue: Courtyard by Marriott,
      Plot no. 29 B, Sector Road,
      B Block, Sushant Lok-1,
      Sector 27, Gurgaon 122 002

      Fee: INR 35,000 per participant.