Global Mobility Workshops - Expatriate Compensation

10 May 2019  India, Gurgaon


  • Overview

    Welcome to Mercer’s workshops designed to build capabilities in the Global Mobility domain!

    Mercer India presents a practical 1-day course for HR professionals with an aim to equip mobility professionals with the essential knowledge and skills to manage the many complexities associated with Expatriate Compensation for mobilizing global talent.

  • Agenda Highlights

    The workshop will cover concepts & execution of Remuneration Approaches applied globally in structuring the pay of different categories of assignees through expatriate compensation methodologies. Attendees will develop proper understanding of remuneration approaches by participating in a variety of real–life case studies’ remuneration calculations, including:

    Home Based Expatriate Compensation approaches (advanced)
    Host Based/Local Expatriate Compensation approaches
    Alternative Expatriate Compensation - Hybrid, International Pay scales
    Short Term and Rotational Assignments Pay
    Conversion approaches to Localization
    Pay Delivery & Impact of Exchange Rates & Other aspects

    And more…

  • Event Details

    Date: Friday | 10th May 2019 | 9.30 – 18.00 hrs.
    Venue: Gurgaon
    Fee: INR 15,000 plus taxes, per participant
  • Workshop Facilitator

    Mario Ferraro leads Mercer’s Mobility practice for Asia, Middle East, Africa and Turkey, based out of Singapore.  He has more than 25 years of experience in the domain, including design and implementation of effective Global Mobility solutions for many multinational companies, large local organizations and government entities. Mario regularly contributes to the development of the Mobility profession, having coached many of today’s top mobility professionals through training programs, conferences, articles and media interviews & has received several recognitions and awards.

  • Audience

    Open to all HR & Compensation professionals with experience in expatriate compensation structuring and development or those who would like to enrich themselves in this field or deepen understanding of the key concepts of various pay methodologies regarding expatriates.

Date: Friday | 10th May 2019 | 9.30 – 18.00 hrs.
Venue: Gurgaon
Fee: INR 15,000 plus taxes, per participant