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Mercer Career View

Via Mercer Career View employees will be able to easily access career information as defined by their current role in the organization, as well as information related to the various career opportunities as defined by the skills and competencies of those different roles in the company.

The solution will enable users to quickly navigate through the various career options, identify required skills to meet their career goals and begin to chart a path forward within their organization. Mercer Career View has been built with responsive design, making the tool device agnostic and compatible with all phones, tablets, laptops and desktops to support employees in managing their careers anytime, anywhere.  

Career progression opportunities are often unclear to employees and guidelines to support progression do not always exist, resulting in organizations struggling to retain high performers. This leads to higher turnover and a less productive workforce, increasing overall costs for the organization and reducing overall revenue.

“Mercer Career View is a win for employers and their employees,” said Antonio Poglianich, Mercer’s Communication Practice Co-Leader. “A lot of people find it easier to look outside rather than inside their current employer to find jobs that appeal to their career interests. Mercer Career View changes that dynamic by creating a delightful and compelling experience for employees, while allowing employers to grow their own active labor market.”

Creating Visibility into Long-term Career Growth with Mercer Career View


Mercer Career View provides a solution to this common dilemma by empowering employees to directly navigate career progression opportunities within their organization. The technology solution brings to life the organization’s existing career development and management infrastructure to provide the greatest return on investment while helping employers leverage talent from within. 

Benefits to...



  • Attract, retain, and engage employees by demonstrating options for growth
  • Translate business objectives into explicit talent requirements
  • Assign accountabilities, performance standards, and competencies to roles
  • Strategically map the growth of critical skills
  • Further deriving value from the investment in the definition of organizational roles and job architecture
  • And much more!


  • Gain visibility into the long-term career opportunities within the organization
  • Understand how their role supports the business
  • Map out specific career paths based on interest, skills and development
  • Conduct a self-assessment against the core and technical competencies associated with their current role
  • Evaluate readiness for future roles
  • And much more!


    By providing greater visibility into long-term career opportunities, organizations can increase employee engagement before they begin to look elsewhere. Easy-to-use and optimized for mobile devices, Mercer Career View, will provide both employers and employees with the solution they’ve been searching for.


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