Navigating the coronavirus
For the latest thinking and actions you can take to help minimise the impact of COVID-19 on your organisation see our COVID-19 insights.

India Labor Reforms 2021

Significant labor and employment law reforms passed by India’s parliament in September 2020, and could take effect as soon as 1 Apr 2021.

meaningful employee rewards

Optimize your compensation plan for 2021. Ensure your rewards strategy is meaningful for both your business and your employees .

Organizational Design Podcast

Organizations have used the disruption created by the pandemic to go back to their drawing board and re-craft their business around the mantra of “winning with empathy” or balancing economics with empathy.

When Women Thrive 2020

The When Women Thrive 2020 global report, Let’s Get Real About Equality, builds upon our seminal 2014 and 2016 research and examines the achievements made to date and the ground yet to cover.

Edcast Learning Health Index (LHI) Study 2021

Build smart, healthy and future-fit learning organization: Participate in the Learning Health Index Study Now!

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